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Fundraise for Vietnam – charity logo design


I was asked to create a new logo for a work colleagues charity he is currently running called Fundraise For Vietnam.

Fundraise For Vietnam (FFV) – a non-profit organisation that goes above and beyond to help support the disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Our work varies from supporting small orphanages, Agent Orange centres, small villages, taking kids off the streets and back into education and other small projects. We also promote fundraising and voluntary scheme across the globe to aid Vietnam. Despite Vietnam being known as a beautiful country, poverty, starvation, the aftermath from the Vietnam War, etc still exist in this day and age. Our aim is to inspire people across the globe to make a difference to Vietnam by creating their own fundraising scheme or to simply support the current or past fundraising schemes by making a donation.

It was a very nice and rewarding project to work on which I share a common belief in helping and supporting those in need.


Do check out their website and show your support by donating at



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