Digital – Graphics – Illustrator – Logos


Artist/ Illustrator and Graphic designer from London. Born and bred in London by Egyptian parents, I’ve been into drawing and illustration from a very young age. Whenever I had a chance I would grab a piece of paper and just draw whatever came into my head.


Growing up in the 80s was a very interesting time, as I constantly watched cartoons, from Looney Toons and Ninja Turtles to Disney and Tom & Jerry. My passion for all things art related has always been part of my life. I used to draw characters and background scenes based on what I watched, and as I got older I realised this was a career path I wanted to pursue. During my teenage years I started exploring Japanese Manga, comic books and music.


In the early days I used to copy, practice and read in order to find my own style, with Frida Kahlo’s paintings and the subject matter fascinating me. Combined with my interest in Japanese art and culture, it was a perfect match. This trend continued when I reached college and studied Sociology and Media along with Fine Art. I was incredibly fascinated by Marxism and his theories, and I also loved the Propaganda art that was used during the Soviet era and Mao’s time in China. At University I studied digital arts, which exposed me to digital and web design. After graduating I went back to what I loved the most: traditional illustration and rediscovering my influences. Nowadays, my interests have moved to street art and graphic design.
I’m trying out new styles and techniques, and experimenting with typography.

I am currently working full time as an Online Designer at a 1st party video game company, and in my spare time working on personal graphic and illustration work.